Sims Social Bride of Prankenstein Quest

By | May 31, 2012

On sims social bride of prankenstein quest chloe just made new friends but she must do some taks before she can join them, so help her with some pranks 😐

oh hi ! it’s me, chloe, remember ?

misión walkthrough guide :

quest 1 :
– Click furniturs (like tables, sofas,counters…) and “switch salt and sugar”
– Put Tempest night double bed in house (in shop for free)

quest 2 :
– Have 3 fury
– Buy naughty tail, (490 social points) then click another sim and “feeling naughty” having tail on. AND BECOME NAUGHTY FRIENDS (friends have to accept request)
– Click phones and ask for Seymour Butts 3 times (can use same phone)

quest 3 :
– cick angelic shrubs in your yard then “tear off blossom”
– Click Temptest night double bed 6 times then sprinkle itching powder (Bella has a bed)
– Suggest 3 sims to lie down

quest 4 :
– Harvest 5 chilies (takes 8 hours to grow)
– Click toilets and stretch plastic wrap over 6 times
– Click kitchen counter and swap sugar with laxative 6 times

quest 5 :
– click naughty shrubs in your garden then “collect naughty rose” 10 times
– click sims then “warn to watch out”…chloe’s ‘friends’ are really taking things too far 6 times
– tell your friends to come home and hold an intervention for chloe 4 times

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  • joy

    the FEELING NAUGHTY won’t appear, what should I do? i tried flirting, or insult, and tried on different sims with different relationship status but its all the same. It wont appear…

  • Agnes

    you need to buy the devil tail first you have to click on your sim and then on change appearance and you should find it in the shop when you buy it and put it on then you’ll be able to say FEELING NAUGHTY to other sims

  • lovelustmurder

    It wont let me add friends to the intervention, it only let one and i dont know how he did it, my other friends cant join because they dont see the invetation in the newsfeed…threres very little time left, I have only 2 simcash and I have -12p in the bank…