Sims Social Can’t Clear Boxes Newspapers Around Penthouse

By | July 8, 2012

Can’t clear boxes / newspapers around your penthouse in sims social ? also there’s some white sheet that you can’t unpack item project for the loft mission.

there are 3 items you need to finish for lofty challenge :
collexion dressing room to unlock the next 2 rooms
cuisinemuse master kitchen to unlock the final 2 rooms
zecutime homeoffice to complete your penthouse


here’s more explanation from Aude06
The “lofty challenge” quest is divided into 3 non-timed quests.
To get the helicopter, you need to complete all 3 in 25 days.

Here is a picture for simpler explanations :
When you first get your loft, you can only clear and unpack the yellow part.

The first quest (a lofty aspiration) was released the 5th of July.
It permits to unpack the things from the red part.

The second quest will be released the 12th of July.
It will permit to unpack things from the blue part. (Hypothesis)

However, the mess on the floor cannot be cleared before a certain time :
-The mess from the red part will be cleanable the 12th of July.
-The mess from the blue part will be cleanable the 19th of July.

I think it’s because you’ll need the stuff you’ll unpack for a quest which isn’t released yet.
I know some used tricks to bypass the limit, I wouldn’t recommand it, not to cause any bug next release

So, people who’ll get these quests in the future will have to work on them one after the other, just like us, but will be able to clear everything, because the second quest will be released to them and they’ll get it after finishing the first one.

We don’t get it yet simply because it doesn’t exist yet. So the way to the items we’ll need to unpack and work on are blocked by mess uncleanable before quest is released.

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  • Gabriela

    I just saw my neightbors penthhouse and shes got the hometheater and kitchen done.. whats up with that

  • Claire

    There’s something blocking my way into the office, I can’t get in because whatever it is is behind a door that can’t be moved as all items are ‘locked’ even though the rooms are all now available.

  • hikaru

    I can’t clear any boxes/trash in the office at all cause it says there is something in the way even tho there isn’t. i see some of my neighbors haven’t had a problem. how can this even be fixed?

  • Alicia Anderson

    Claire, lower the interior walls, then you can clear stuff that’s behind the now available rooms, there’s probably stuff right behind the door. Found this tip on another sim forum and it worked for me.
    Anyone know how to clear boxes behind the brick entertainment? I can’t move it, it’s complete and in shop mode it says it is locked.

  • MissHera

    To Claire (July 19, 2012)…
    I had this same problem. There was debris at the door leading into the office and I couldn’t get to it because the big TV covered it up. Just drop your walls and you will be able to see through the door and clear the debris. I know the walls look dropped but they aren’t so this took me “forever” to figure out. Good Luck!

  • Nicora

    I have something in my office behind the brick thing just like Claire above. Lowering the walls doesnt help because you still cant see behind the brick. I think it’s a TV? Anyone know how to remove this stuff?

  • joji

    i was supposed to finish my collexion dressing but unfortunately at tha last part it says requires quest unlock..please help me how to finish it..its bee weeks already ang i couldnt finish it

  • Step

    I have the same problem with you joji,i can’t finish the dressing room because it needs quest unlock ,I can’t unlock it !help