Sims Social Can’t Unpack Home Office How To Fix

By | July 20, 2012

The final project item to get helicopter unlocked is here, but there’s a problem with sims social can’t unpack home office on your loft!

where you can’t enter the door an unpack zecutime home office 🙁

how to unpack home office in sims social ?
To enter the home office room of the penthouse:

1. Make sure you have fully completed the “Lofty Aspirations” and the “Penthouse? Sweet!” quests. You must have fully built the dressing room and the kitchen in order to be able to access the home office.


2. If you have completed both quests and are still unable to enter the home office, put all your walls down and look for a piece of trash in front of the door. Once you clear this away, you should be able to enter your home office.

zecu time home office requirements :
Muse (3), Goodwill (2), Solid wood (2), Screws (16), Water (3), Goldfish (4), Fiction book (7), Fashion
Magazines (5), History book (1), Magazines (4), Old photograph (6), Photograph (2), Magnifying glass
(3), Orchids (3), Red flower (6), Flower petals (2), Steel (5), Glass (4), Culture (5), Old instruction (16), Old
key (9), Vintage magnifying glass (4), Mice (1), Paper (6) Printing paper (8), Dusty letter (6)

  • amuletts

    Haha! Thanks for your tip about the piece of trash in front of the door. I was really frustrated because I couldn’t get to the Office.