Sims Social Carrer Quest

By | March 23, 2012

CAREERS IS LIVE so start the sims social career quest! You can now choose a career for your Sim!! Work your way to the top and earn brand new SKILL ITEMS, new AVATAR ITEMS and new CAREER SPECIFIC TRAITS!

to help you with this feature there are 3 quests to finish

here are the guide :
you’ve got talent quest
– pick your dream career then show off the first (10 mins) task on your list!

click on the career icon and pick your new career
click on the first task on your list (10 mins) and don’t forget to come back on time

career ahead quest
– show off a 2 hour task in your new career

click on the careers button to see the selection of careers
choose a task that will take 2 hrs to complete
check out the promotions tab to see new titles and great rewards

job well done quest
– show off your mastery in your first (10 mins) task

click on the careers button and choose 10 minutes career shift
keep repeating it until you gain a star
you will earn a new star for every task that you master