Sims Social Cheshire Cat

By | January 5, 2012

On part 3 of curiouser and curiouser quest you need to ask cheshire cat what’s going on, now the problem is where to find cheshire cat in sims social ?

if you look on the task hint, it’s kinda misleading : clear 6 grass to try to find the invisible cheshire cat

here’s guide how to find this cat :
– actually you don’t really need to clear grass to find cheshire cat
– you can find cheshire cat randomly appear on your or neighbor’s yard
here’s a picture of the invisible cat

– you only need ‘luck’ to find this kitty 🙁

After you click on the action, the cat doesn’t disappear and will still remain in that person’s yard.

if you kinda frustate.. just skip this requirements with ‘only’ 3 simcash 😛 or if any of you who already have the kitty, share your facebook so we can add you ^^”

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  • Greyson

    There is no way to grow grass is there? I still need 4 more grass clearings. Unfortunately, I kept clearing stuff to make money and it will not let you cut neighbour grass.

  • Molly

    I found the cat right by the door at Bellas house.
    Hope that helps!

  • roxiii

    alguien me puede decir cuales son las 6 hiervas del cheshire cat !!!!

  • Marisa

    Both me and my extra facebook have the cat 🙂

  • Lexx

    I have the cat on my account but i think that they are on bella’s house now

  • Raca

    Molly was right !

  • Greyson

    It’s okay. Two grass patches grew finally. Whew.

  • Laura

    when i can have grass? It don’t grew!

  • Dee

    Is there anyway to speed up the process of getting grass?

    I have absolutely no grass and there’s only four days left to finish the task.

  • Jeff

    I have 2 cats on my property and need to clear 4 more grass, but there is no grass growing. I tried to buy items that I though would bring grass to the land. As of now, there is still no grass and the mission expires soon. bummer!