Sims Social Clean Or Polish Items

By | January 26, 2012

For delusions of grandeur in sims social you need to clean or polish items on your house and neighbors too
part 2 & 3 requirements
quest 2 : clean or polish 6 items around your home
quest 3 : clean or polish 3 friend’s item

how to clean or polish items in sims social ?
you need to make the items dirty by using over and over again, so you will see “clean” or “polish” action

what items that can be clean or polish in sims social ?
here are the list of items you can clean or polish :
– toilet
– shower
– sink
– hot tub
– bbq grill
– stove

also the new elegance perfume table 🙂

cleaning dirty items on your friends house might be a little difficult, you can try randomly look for toilet and stove because those items usually get dirty easily than the others

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  • simuser

    Hi um, thanks but that
    s not very helpful because I have over 30 sim friends and only one of them had a dirty appliance that i could clean… so my question is,
    What now?

    • admin

      i can only suggest that you ask your friends personally, tell them to leave some items..dirty and leave it for you to clean 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can you make your friend’s items dirty?