Sims Social Closet Posit Mission

By | August 23, 2012

Start sims social closet posit mission because clothes don’t just make the sim – they make the house, too ! Did you know clothes can give you house value ?

it’s true ! Finish the tyler blank’s reform wardrobe and you can add house value from all of your clothe – old and new !

quest requirements :
– complete the first stage of your tyler blanks reform wardrobe
– complete the second stage of your tyler blanks reform wardrobe

did you know that you can recolor the wardrobe to your taste after you have filled it up with clothes ?

here are the material parts you need :
tyler blanks reform wardrobe stage 1
Add Back – N/A
Add First Step – 1x Love, 1x Goodwill
Add Second Step – 1x Hammer, 1x Relaxation
Add First Carpet – 1x Clothe, 1x Nails
Add Second Carpet – 3x Dreams, 3x Fury
Add Frame – 5x Wrench, 2x Screws
Add Mirror – 5x Glamour, 6x Entertainment
Add Brackets – 6x Bling, 6x Mirror, 6x Admiration

tyler blanks reform wardrobe stage 2
Add Bottom Shelf – N/A
Add Middle Shelf – 3x Culture, 4x Muse
Add Top Shelf – 3x Buzz, 2x Happiness
Add Clothed Rail – 6x Beauty, 5x Fashion Accessories, 5x Delicious Morsel
Add Left Canopy – 6x Relaxation, 6x Love, 5x Dreams
Add Right Canopy – 6x Goodwill, 7x Entertainment, 5x Clothes, 2x Golden Thimble
Add Shoe Rack – 6x Buzz, 8x Culture, 6x Fury, 5x Golden Thimble
Add Mirror Lighting – 8x Muse, 7x Hope, 7x Bling, 7x Golden Thimble
Add Step Lighting – 9x Beauty, 10x Light Box, 10x Love, 10x Golden Thimble