Sims Social Cook Mud Pies On Stoves

By | January 23, 2012

On sims social the quest for the golden dragon part 5 many players still having a problem with one of the requirement : cook mud pies on stoves because they can’t see the option on the stove

here’s how to cook mud pies in sims social :
first make sure you really click “stove” not “microwave”
many players think microwave = stove because of the cooking skill, but it’s not the same

second maybe you already click the stove before ? because it only can be used once for “cook mud pies” action

so try to visit your neighbors or purchase some new stoves to cook mud pies, you need to do this action 5 times

another action for this mission requirements is offer mud pie

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  • Angela

    All the stoves keep saying serve tapas or cook and eat. So frustrating. I’d like to know how to let the game designers know.

  • anne

    It still won’t work! i click the STOVE and all it says is ‘cook and eat’