Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Quest

By | January 5, 2012

It’s alice in the wonderland theme ! now the white rabbit will guide you with sims social curiouser and curiouser quest !

read guide below for task requirements, so you can finish faster 🙂

curiouser and curiouser part 1
– say ‘curiouser and curiouser’ to 2 different sims
– go down the rabbit hole 3x
– eat queen’s cupcake 3 times

tips :
check bella’s house for rabbit hole (queen of heart’s yard) and eatme luxury cupcakes (make sure you eat the right cake)

curiouser and curiouser part 2
– collect red essence from red funiture and items
– do 4 skill interactions with easels
– paint 4 different white roses

tips :
click queen’s rose bushes then ‘paint’ on bella’s palace

curiouser and curiouser part 3
– have 4 muse
– clear 6 grass to try to find the invisible cheshire cat
– ask the cheshire cat what’s going on

tips :
find cheshire cat (randomly) on your or neighbor yard then click ‘what’s going on’

how to get grass grow faster in sims social ?
the easiest way is to expand your land, otherwise you must wait until the grass spawn randomly 🙁

curiouser and curiouser part 4
– have 5 dreams (sleep action)
– have 5 goodwill (friendly interaction with other sims)
– have 10 pieces of evidence by collecting evidence from new alice in wonderland furniture

tips :
click furniture from new ‘alice in wonderland’ collection then ‘collect evidence’

curiouser and curiouser part 5
– have a piece of new alice in wonderland clothing
– have 5 bling (from gems in your yard)
– grow larger than life by eating eatme cake to put the queen of hearts (bella) in her place

tips :
go to bella’s house for eatme cake then choose ‘eatme’

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  • Ecem

    I tried painting on the aisel I even did portraits why isnt it saying “PROGRESS” ?

    • admin

      you must perform ‘art skill’ 4x on easel

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  • rim

    how do i perform a art skill?

    • admin

      click on the easel 🙂

  • jacs

    the art ‘skill’ is the one that uses up energy when you click on the easel…

    and i am having the same problem, where do you find the cheshire cat, and how do you cut grass when there is none on your yard?

  • Ecem

    The only options i see is paint for fun and paint portait!?

    • admin

      choose paint, then you’ll see the skill option 🙂

  • Mashyitah

    @Ecem: You have to buy your own easel and click on “paint”.

  • Mashyitah

    @jacs: you can find the cheshire cat at bella’s place, near the roses trees. im also stuck at the grass cutting part 🙁 my yard is so clean now.

  • Madeleine

    I’m also stuck at the cutting grass part! The sad thing is that the quest is quite easy really, and just because my yard is clean, I can’t complete it. Also, I’d rather not expand my land, I like it as it is… :/

  • Mai

    If you have trouble with the painting – you must buy your OWN easel and not use your friends’.

    They are only 100 in the shop so it should not be a problem

  • paulina

    for those having grass trouble, what I did was store one of my rooms to leave more room for it to grow, after 2 days no grass grew, but one of those thorny things that requires 3 actions to clear appeared, I cleared that out and the game counted it as grass. hope this helps.

  • ariela

    how do you get the gems (from part 5) in your yard?? i dont get it… help!

    • admin

      look for diamond (like sims logo) on your yard then ‘mine’ it.. it’s random >.<