Sims Social Dan The Man Missions

By | April 12, 2012

Get domestica transmaster radio with the sims social dan the man missions ! there are 7 quest chain

Have you heard ? there’s a new retro store in littlehaven ! the new store is run by my good friend dan drapes

requirements guide :
dan the man part 1:
– Give Dan a call about informercial
– Collect 2 References (request from friends)
– Send off your resume to Dan (click mailbox)

dan the man part 2:
– Check your mailbox for the contract after 12hrs
– Ask 3 sims about new retro store
– Read Dans website Once (click computer)

dan the man part 3:
– Be Inspired
– Complete ANY 1 day Job
– Have 5 Dream

dan the man part 4:
– Buy 3 “This Week NEW Items”
– Search for Hidden Cameras
– Dust & Tidy the place up a bit

dan the man part 5:
– Chat on ANY Sofa 7 times
– Discuss TV near a TV 5 times
– Show off Stove 7 times

dan the man part 6:
– Buy “Domestica Ringo Fire Stove”
– Do cooking skill actions on “Domestica Ringo-Fire Stove” 5 times
– Pick a tag line & share it with the world online

dan the man part 7:
– Post an ad for the Potation Plant
– Earn 670 Simoleons from writing skill items
– Tell 10 Sims to listen to your radio infomercial

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  • Sonny

    Thanks Light Chan!!

  • wendy

    How do I finish the potation mission when the request for 8 friends is needed, and dosents posts on anyones wall?

  • joy

    there were no lotus flowers appearing on my garden :((