Sims Social Declaration of SimDependence Quest

By | June 28, 2012

Finish 3 requirements for sims social declaration of simdependence quest : project – build – quest !

say, are you getting ready for simpendence day ?

it don’t take much to get ready to party, friend ! just complete these three things and i promise you the reward will be plenty !
here are the requirements guide :
– Finish building Country and Western Stage
connie’s country stage
requirements :
3x Buzz, 3x Culture, 3x Planks, 3x Rubber Duckie, 4x Entertainment, 5x Brick, 5x Soft Pillow, 6x Admiration, 6x Light Box, 6x Pencil, 7x Fury, 8x Amplifier, 9x Nails, 9x Relaxation, 10x Cloth, 10x Goodwill, 11x Bling, 11x Hype, 12x Wrench, 13x Hope, 13x Love, 13x Plans, 14x Muse, 15x Tumbleweed, 16x Dreams, 20x Hammer, 24x Aloe, 33x Roots

– Buy and build flag pole
flagged up pole
Need to collect parts :
5 hammer
5 cloth
2 aloe (request and clear cacti)
2 roots (request, can be gifted or catch goopher)
1 Tumber Weed (wall request or clear cacti)

– Complete Timed quest
hello, i’m johnny simcash

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