Sims Social Delusions Of Grandeur Quest

By | January 26, 2012

It’s marie antoinette week and there are 2 quest to finish ! on the sims social delusions of grandeur quest chain we need to help bella make madame de pomposim welcomed to littlehaven by doing this missions
also this quests series is connected with the second one, because you need to finish it to get petite belle jeanne doll for a very shy belle quest

here are the task requirements :
delusions of grandeur part 1
Clean or polish 6 items in your home
Practise blowing a kiss 3 times
Practice playing harp

tips :
use item like toilet or stove until they need to be clean
click other sims and choose “blow a kiss”
go to bella’s house for harp and use “practice harp”

delusions of grandeur part 2
Tell 5 Sims to expect royale visit soon
Have relaxation
Clean or polish 3 items at friends

tips :
visit other sims and choose “expect a royal visit”
get relaxation by fulfil your fun needs
find neighbors that have dirty items to be clean or polish

delusions of grandeur part 3
have bling
have new items from this week’s new theme
i need a maid

tips :
ask friends for bling
buy new marie antoinette items
ask friends for a maid

delusions of grandeur part 4
have a wing from this week’s new theme
wearing wig, bow or curtesy to sims
learn to speak proper

tips :
click change outfit and buy a new wig of marie antoinette collection
after wearing wig visit other sims and click “bow” or “curtsey”
click computer > “learn to speak proper”

delusions of grandeur part 5
tell sims that you can only eat cake now
remove bread from sims fridges
tell friends that you don’t mix with commoners

tips :
visit other sims > “eat cake”
visit other sims look for fridge > “remove bread”
visith other sims > “don’t mix with commoners”

delusions of grandeur part 6
have 3 dirty or broken items in your house
warn sims against being taken in by madame de pomposim
paint a moustache on madame pomposim’s painting

tips :
keep using toilets items or stove to make them dirty
go to neighbor’s house and choose “warn” action
visit bella’s house and click madame pomposim painting > “paint moustache”

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