Sims Social Desert Dreams Mission

By | April 11, 2013

Meet prince simair and help him find the lost treasure of simarkand in sims social desert dreams mission ! there are 3 requirements to finish 🙂

could it be ? have i arrived at littlehaven at last ? i can hardly believe this isn’t a mirage !

tips from shadzar : do not buy the bubble lounge or the bed, it comes with the room you have to buy… want my simoleons back for that extra bubble lounge and bed now

Get DesertDreams Fountain and Myr’ahj Mosaic Bath from these missions reward :

sims social feels like home quest
part 1
Click on any Computer > ‘Look Up Simarkand’
Visit Bella, click on the Sal’ahra Bubble Lounge > ‘Blow Bubbles’
Visit Bella, click on the Myr’ahj Peacock Bed > ‘Lounge In Luxury’

part 2
Buy the ‘Simarkand Nights’ Room from the shop and place it in your home
Complete step 1 of the Myr’ahj Peacock Bed

part 3
Complete building the Sal’ahra Bubble Lounge
Complete building the Myr’ahj Peacock Bed
Ask over or visit 3 friends and ‘Boast About New Room’


sims social lawrence of littlehaven quest
part 1
Click on any Bookshelf > ‘Research Lost Treasure’
Click on any Computer > ‘Try Smoogle Maps’
Buy and place the Myr’ahj Emerald Oasis

part 2
Click on a trash can > ‘Rummage For Clues’ 3 times
Visit or invite over Sims > ‘Subtly Interrogate’ them 2 times
Click on The Golden Legend > ‘Who’s A Pretty Bird?’

part 3
Click on a Fearless Snake Charming Kit > ‘Ask About Lost Treasure’
Click on some Desert Treasure >’Examine For Clues’
Click on a Computer > ‘Confer With Researchers’ 3 times

part 4
Click on a Floating Carpet > ‘Search From Above’ once
Have 3 ‘Jewel of the Dunes’
Click on a Computer > ‘Put Clues Together’

part 5
Finish restoring the Myr’ahj Emerald Oasis
Click on the Myr’ahj Emerald Oasis > ‘Track Down Treasure’
Get 5 friends to help you track the treasure