Sims Social Driving Ambition Missions

By | September 27, 2012

Get a new toyota prius liftback by finishing 3 quest part of the sims social driving ambition !

When i was 10 i figured we’d all have jetpacks by now! i need to know that we’re at least moving in the right direction ! what happened to the car of the future, huh ?

Help me find a new car that knows the meaning of the word ‘progress’. i want to see harmony between man and machine !

mission guide :

driving ambition 1 :
Research automobile progress’ on PC
Daydream about car on couch or bed 2x

driving ambition 2 :
Call 2 friends and ask opinion on prius liftback
Read motoring magazine on chair (have nothing around chair)

driving ambition 3 :
Use phone to arrange test drive
Visit 3 friends to rave about prius liftback