Sims Social Fancy Dressing Table – InThePink Beauty

By | November 24, 2011

Part 6 of sims social its a date you need to check appearance 5 times on fancy dressing table

and if you look on the hint, you will see the table name : inthepink beauty

where to find fancy dressing table or inthepink beauty in sims social ?
you can get it on shop > bedroom > inthepink beauty for 3000 simoleons

this item can increase fun and 2350 house value

but you need to collect parts to build it :
15 relaxation
30 dream
25 goodwill

hover each icon if you want to know how to get these items, or just ask friends
if you want to finish this quest faster i suggest you don’t finish this first, because you’ll need 10 dreams on the last part

you can go to bella’s house and click her fancy dressing table and choose “check appearance”

after that you can start collecting the materials 🙂

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