Sims Social Fashionably Great Missions

By | August 23, 2012

Not just a hat, it’s a phone too ! get this item from sims social fashionably great missions !

Darling, has anyone ever told you what spectacular bone structure you have ? i haven’t seen anything like it since.. well, me

quest guide :
step 1 :
– Go to Bella’s, click on Tyler Blanks Mirror Booth, select “Ask for Tyler’s Advice”
– Buy and place Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe from shop

– The mirror booth is the left room of Bella’s house
– There are multiple “advice” interactions. Make sure you pick the right one.
– Obtain your wardrobe from shop and place on your property

step 2 :
– Click a finished Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe (there’s one at Bella’s), select “See how it looks”
– Have 4 relaxation
– Ask over or visit Sims, select “Do Exercises Together”

-You can only exercise with each neighbor once

step 3 :
– Click a Simoir Model Mannequin (there’s one at Bella’s), select “Stitch Pants”
– Have 8 delicious morsel
– Complete the first phase of your Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe

– The mannequin is next to Bella’s wardrobe

step 4 :
– Click a computer and select “Get Style Ideas”.
– Harvest 8 Pumpkins
– Click a stove and select “Cook Nourishing Food”

– Pumpkins take 4 hours to grow

step 5 :
– You need 4 friends by wall post
– Complete the second phase of your Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe
– Ask over or visit Sims, select “Show What You Got!”

– You can only show what you got with each neighbor once