Sims Social French Neckerchief

By | February 17, 2012

Part 4 of the french social you must buy or have 1 sims social french neckerchief ! this should be easy 🙂
but where to find french neckerchief in sims social ?
based on the hint, it said to click clothes then buy a neckerchief from the new rayure marine collection

well here’s a specific way how to get the neckerchief :
go to clothes > top > top accessories
you will find rayure marine neckerchief for 1500 social points !

stats :
relationships : friendly + mean + flirt
unlocks naughty friends relationship status

you will also need this item for part 7 :
wearing neckerchief ask 3 sims voulez vous woohoo avec moi

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  • selena

    Getting really irate. I have bought that darned neckerchief no less than 20 times, and every single time, the game has an error and has to reload and I no longer have the thing… is there some kind of trick to this?????????

  • Stef

    i am having the same problem!!!! i email EA let’s see if they do anything about it. I’ve even tried using a different browser….

  • Carli

    OMG! Mee too! I have even uninstalled and Re-installed the darn thing. Still not working, and I really want this reward. If anyone figures this out please inform me! Thank you 🙂