Sims Social Freshen Up Quest

By | December 26, 2011

Jessica is asking about our cooking tips because she want to make dessert for holiday dinner in sims social freshen up quest

and as reward you will get winter cheer cake that can increase hunger needs and house value : 200

mission requirements :
– grow and harvest 10 of any crops
– research recipes on computer 7 times
– practice holiday recipes 10 times on stoves


tips :
– click gardening plots (4) to grow crops, choose strawberry the shortest time to harvest (5 mins)
– click computer and choose “research recipes”
– click any stoves then “practive holiday recipes”

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  • daniel mason

    ive clicked any stove in a sims house and it didnt come up with ‘practise holiday recipe’ why?

  • Seafilly

    I have this same problem. I cant complete this quest because clicking on stoves doesn’t work. I’m wondering if you must own the stove yourself?

    • admin

      yes, you must have your own stove to click
      microwave is not a stove in this quest 😛

  • lupe

    to have ur own stove u must have 15 cooking to buy one, i only have 14 cooking how do i get 15

    • admin

      buy another microwave and master cooking skill 🙂