Sims Social Ganging Up Missions

By | May 3, 2012

Get Parsley’s Littlehaven Tour ’56 by finishing the sims social ganging up missions ! there are 6 quest chain of this rock and roll week mision

OMG ! have you met danny, yet ? He’s new in littlehaven and he’s like, totally hot…!

tips :
crops to harvest : 12 strawberries, 4 chili, 2 watermelon
items required : 12 muse, 7 love and 5 melody

ganging up quest 1:
grow and harvest 4 chillies
check out his simbook page on a computer 5 times
get simphonic jukebox

ganging up quest 2:
collect 5 muse
pose as a bella beauty to 2 friends
collect 7 love

ganging up quest 3:
spend 700 Simoleons on new item (rock & roll week item)
grow and harvest 12 strawberries
share milkshake with a friend 3 times

ganging up quest 4:
wear a quiff hairdo
pretend to be an s-jet to 5 of your friends
post a feed about being an s-jet

ganging up quest 5:
have any guitar
invite 4 friends round and pelvis thrust them
have 7 muse

ganging up quest 6:
grow and harvest 2 watermelons
have 5 melody
tell friends that it’s jessica who likes danny (post to your wall)