Sims Social Get a New Set of Wheels Quest

By | May 24, 2012

Main mision for car week is the sims social get a new set of wheels quest where you can raise your energy to 16 !

complete these 3 steps (visit, learn drive), get a free car and increase maximum energy by +1 !

requirements :
visit : nice set of wheels quest
– get the sterling car (shop >free)
– click the sterling car and check it out
– visit bella, click on the car and check out interior

learn : i believe i can drive quest
complete sterling driving skill
Learn Starting Car -N/A
Learn Driving Away- 2x Muse, 2x Dreams
Learn Steering – 2x Goodwill, 3x Love
Learn Cornering – 3x Plans, 3x Entertainment, 1x Love
Learn Parking – 4x Fuel Can, 3x Buzz, 1x Plans
Learn Parallel Parking – 3x Tyre Pump, 4x Fuel Can, 4x Love
Learn Reversing Around A Corner -5x Tyre Pump, 3x Jump Leads, 5x Buzz
Learn U Turns – 1x Hanging Air Freshener, 5x Esteem, 5x Muse
Learn Highway Driving – 2x Hanging Air Freshener, 6x Fuel Can, 3x Admiration
Take Driving Test! – 2x Batteries, 5x Jump Leads, 4x Tyre Pump

drive : driving in my car quest
also you need to finish presto driving skill
Practice Driving – N/A
Practice Cornering – 5x Love, 5x Goodwill, 5x Fuel Can
Practice Parking – 4x Type Pump, 5x Fuel Can, 2x Squeegee
Practice Overtaking – 5x Plans, 5x References, 5x Love
Practice Wheel Spins – 3x Squeegee, 5x Tyre Pump, 4x Jump Leads
Practice Drag Racing – 5x Jump Leads, 7x Fuel Can, 7x Goodwill
Practice Racing – 7x Squeegee, 4x Hanging Air Freshener, 2x Batteries3
Practice Stunts – 3x Batteries, 7x Entertainment, 7x Buzz
Practice Skids – 7x Squeegee, 6x Batteries, 7x Buzz, 5x Dreams
Practice Donuts – 7x Hanging Air Freshener 7x Jump Leads, 5x Certificates, 5x Muse

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