Sims Social Get To The Choppa Quest

By | July 19, 2012

The last part of your penthouse mission to get the helicopter : sims social get to the choppa quest !

In these quests you must build the zecu time home office ! look on the bottom room and unpack home office 🙂

walkthrough guide :

part 1 :
– Click on free home office and finish first task
– Click on computer and research private choppers 3 times
– Click on phone and confirm booking for Tabita

part 2 :
– Click a mailbox at your home in 6 hours and “collect Tabitha’s ticket”
– Complete first stage of home office loft
– Harvest 10 strawberries

part 3 :
– click on computer or typewriter then ‘write thank you letter’
– post on your wall ‘tabitha’s leaving’ and have 1 friend help click
– visit 3 friendly sims then click for ‘tabitha’s leaving’

part 4 :
– become inspired
– click on a bookcase then ‘memorize chopper manual’
– post a feed ‘do they know how to fly a chopper’ and have 4 friends to click

part 5 :
– complete home office third and the final stage
– click on career button and complete 10 min shift 4 times
– have 10 buzz

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