Sims Social Go With The Flo Quest

By | February 16, 2012

Get Exclusive Progressive Unicorn by finishing sims social go with the flo quest with 3 parts

guide and tips to finish this missions :

go with the flo part 1
– look up progressive on a computer [click computer > look up progressive]
– watch for flo’s progressive commercials [click tv > watch flo on tv]

go with the flo part 2
– compose a jingle for the progressive commercial on a guitar [click guitar >compose jingle, bored easily]
– ask different sims if they have any glitter you can use for a progressive commercial. and unicorns, ask them if they have unicorns [visit other sims > got unicorns]
– search for squirrels in trees [click tree > search for squirrels]

go with the flo part 3
– have goodwill [do good interactions with other sims]
– prepare tacos for all in microwave [click microwave > prepare tacos]
– ask sims if they love tacos as much as flo from progressive does [visit other sims > love tacos]

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