Sims Social Grand Piano

By | November 24, 2011

You will need to use one of the Pink Paradise Week items, sims social grand piano on its a date quest 3 : play any type of piece on the grand piano 4 times

where to find grand piano in sims social ?
on playfish forum, the community manager said that “Piano is due to be released on Monday”

so you won’t find it on shop, so how to get this quest finish ? try to look on bella’s house 🙂

you’ll see a pink piano with 5 actions :
– play ‘sims know how to party!’
– play silly song
– play ballad
– play calssical piece
– play for fun

try not to play other than sims know how to party, because it doesn’t count for this quest

and we shall see if the grand piano will cost a lot in monday, and will it have a new music skills ?

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