Sims Social Green Up Your Act Quest

By | March 1, 2012

Complete the sims social green up your act quest today and get the toyota prius v for a limited time !

there are 3 missions with 7 days to finish, you will need at least : 2 neighbors, 5 goodwill and 100 simoleons to complete all the quests chain

here are the list of requirements :

green up your act quest part 1
– ask different sims if they know anything about orion gasblaster co2 emissions (visit 2 neighbors)
– pick up a leaflet about the free 2 week loan of a toyota prius v from your mailbox

green up your act quest part 2
– research the toyota prius v and the environment on computers 3 times
– call your local toyota dealer for information about the free 2 week loan of toyota prius v once (click phone > toyota)
– have 5 goodwill

green up your act quest part 3
– buy a new trashcan which you can use to collect recyclable waste (shop > outdoor > trashcan)
– put recyclable waste in the trashcan 4 times (trashcan > recycle)
– check 5 different electrical items in your home are energy efficient and not turned on when they don’t need to be (click electric items like tv, computer, etc > check energy)