Sims Social Happy Halloween Missions

By | October 27, 2011

The littlehaven is having halloween block party, so get ready for it on sims social happy halloween missions with 7 parts of the quest and get a free halloween tree !

hurry finish it, you only have 4 days

if you looking for detail walkthrough guide with picture please see it on sims social halloween quest, because that’s my source 🙂

happy halloween 1 quest
– Type flyers : You have to type them on your own computer
– Spead the word to other sims : Go to neighbors click sims “spread the word”
– Place flyers on refrigirators and mailboxes : Go to neighbors click mailboxes and fridges to place flyers

happy halloween 2 quest
– Buy and place 3 outdoors Halloween decorations : Go to shop > Outdoor, and find some Halloween stuff like zombie hand
– Have toads

happy halloween 3 quest
-Buy 3 indoors Halloween decorations : Go to shop > Decorations. I’ve got two sets of balloons and a pumkin
-Have glass eyes : You get them with haunted stuff and spooky herbs, or ask friends

happy halloween 4 quest
– Ask 2 of your friends for costume suggestion (wall post)
– Buy skeleton mask : In clothes section look for skullface 350 social points
– Have witches hat : Use skill on haunted stuff or ask friends

happy halloween 5 quest
– Wearing mask and halloweencostume trick 4 sims
– Have trick and treats : From interactions with haunted and spooky stuff
– Wearing mask and halloweencostume treat 4 sims

i only see treats option at first, dunno what about you guys.. but keep finish all treats then you’ll see trick option
also remember to wear halloween mask and costume

happy halloween 6 quest
– Buy and place 3 Halloween refreshments : go to shop > kitchen buy items like pie, eye stuff and sangria
– Eat treats with friends : Go to a neighbors who has some halloween food, Bella does, and eat it 6 times.

happy halloween 7 quest
– Wearing halloween mask and costume do Halloween dance with 6 sims : Go to neighbors, click sims to do halloween dance with sims
– Have 2 friends to RSVP to an invite to see your haunted house (wall post
– Phone 6 other sims to tell about party : 6 different phones (yours and neigbors)

thanks to the sims social quests

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