Sims Social Haunted Mirror

By | October 11, 2011

Are you looking for Sims Social Haunted Mirror for Ghost Town Quest ? on the first part it need you to buy the haunted mirror and other task need you to use this item too

the hint says to click shop then buy a haunted mirror
I look on the shop, in all tab and can’t find it… so i go to the forum and find out where to find haunted mirror

there’s a sticky thread made by community manager :
This mirror is not available in the shop yet. It will be available sometime tomorrow when we have the sims social regular weekly release.

So … it’s coming soon.


the update is here ! find it on shop > decoration for 600 simoleons !

it got different name : mss mirror of shame
finish sims social ghost town quest now !

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  • joe

    What the hell?? the quest says 4 days left and yes all that’s in the shop is the haunted easel what a joke… Why even release the quest then dang bastards

    • admin

      lol, true.. and it’s already “tomorrow” in here, and still no fixed for problems and no update for haunted mirror 🙁

  • Igor

    Now I have only three days to finnish the quest, and I still havent got a haunted mirror in my shop -.-

  • MJ

    well, at least you have the quest…
    i have NO halloween quests and the haunted easel doesnt work (it reloads each time you use it…) =(

  • Leda

    I’ve waited for DAYS to play this quest, and I can’t have the mirror right now?!
    Guys it’s already 4 pm at me, and I can’t find that mirror, so please, HURRY UP.

  • Rob

    Still no Haunted Mirror, you’d think they would have added it already. I’m down to 3 days till the quest is gone… this sucks.

  • Mayra

    It’s available now. and lots of other haunted items

  • Joe Ronald

    Where is it?

  • Rafaela

    My haunted easel always reloads when I want to use it! It’s very frustrating. Also, I bought the haunted TV before the haunted mirror quest and it’s still asking me to buy the TV, even though I already have it and have used it for the rest of the quest. I don’t feel like using up another 1500 simoleons just cause the game is stupid enough not to notice I had the option to buy the TV before the quest.

  • caroline

    It’s called the mirror of shame. It is in the deco part of the store.

  • Alex

    Ive been trying to ask frends for “fear” & even posted it on my wall. i had almost ALL my SIMS frends send me fear BUT NONE OF THEM SHOW UP! its so fricken aggrevating. why post a quest that obviously has so many bugs??? i wouldnt be so mad knowing that i couldve had this whole thing finished yesterday & i only have like 20hrs left for this bug to be remedied.