Sims Social Here Comes the Summer Quest

By | June 21, 2012

Help bella with the sims social here comes the summer quest ! because she doesn’t care what the weather report says and gonna bring the summer to littlehaven no matter what !

Now the first thing you’ll need to do is get refreshed ! are you ready ?

Time to complete : 7 days with 6 parts and ingredient parts you need to have :
Minimal requirement :
– 6 friends
– 3 neighbors
– 840 simoleons
– 6 entertainment
– 8 water

mision requirements :

Step 1 :
– Visit bella’s houe and click on her lemonade stand and get refreshed
– Look in shop to get free barbecue [project item with 12d to finish and get lemonade stand]
– Click on comp or radio to check weather report twcice. [can do at neighbor house]

Step 2 :
– Tell 3 sims summer is coming (visit or ask over)
– Have 6 entertainment
– Click comp and update simbook to let ppl know summer’s coming (can use friends comp)

Step 3 :
– Have 2 new items from this week range [bbq not counting, at least unbuilt]
– Click on phone and call gardening helpline 3 times (can do it from friend phone)
– Water 10 plants (can do it at friends, can water 10 times same flower, bored after 2 times)

Step 4 :
– Visit Bella beach house and have a tan on a beach chair 3 times
– Have 8 water
– Click a finised bbq and eat beach food (bella has one at her main house) 3 times

Step 5 :
– Harvest 20 strawberries (each take 5min to grow and another 5 min to wither)
– Click TV and watch magic show 3 times
– Cook 10 recipes on cooking skill items (click cooking skill item, cather and prepare 10 times, you an cook the same recipe 10 times and cook what you mastered already)

Step 6 :
– Earn 1.000 simoleons from athletic skills (can redo what you’ve mastered)
– Ask 6 friends to send summer idea (wallpost)
– Have fun at pool 3 times (yours, neighbors, Bella, Can use 3 times the same)