Sims Social Here’s The Key Mission

By | April 26, 2012

Main quest for greek gods week : sims social here’s the key mission !

in this mision you must finish 3 requirements to get pandora’s key for unlocking your pandora’s box ! check what you can get inside by finishing this quest 🙂

here are the requirements to get 3 items :
1) complete the pandora’n to expectations quest to get zeus’ wreath crown

2) buy the pandora box and build it
you need 2 love, 2 muse, 2 plans, 2 Goodwill and 2 dreams

3) Complete all levels mastery skill of the lonely mermaid sculpture to get my pegasus pal
this item cost free at the moment, the normal price is 3200 Simoleons and increase 2500 house value