Sims Social Holiday Tales Part 1 : The Simch Quest

By | December 1, 2011

Christmas mission begin with the sims social holiday tales part 1 : the simch quest, it’s the blue grinch ? coz it looks so grumpy and hate holiday season 😛

this quest chain expires in 5 days, the rewards are Holiday Toasting Set and Okea Gingerbread Pal

there are 5 parts, here are the walkthrough guide for quest requirements :

the simch quest 1
– have 3 candy canes
– bake 3 cookies at your or bella’s holiday stove
– tell 2 sims not to expect snow

how to find candy canes in sims social :
build-it tree (shop > outdoor cost : 1500 simoleons) choose decorate christmas tree to get random drop

the simch quest 2
– warm yourself on yours or bella’s holiday stove (5)
– collect ornaments from the yard
– search bookshelves for the weather changing book (3)

tips how to find ornaments in sims social :
get it from snow cardinals, snow rabbbits and pine cones

the simch quest 3
– have goodwill (do nice things)
– have dreams (sleeping acion)
– collect 5 banana peels from the trashcan

the simch quest 4
– place spell ingredients in hot tub (5)
– get inside the hot tub

the loguinn hot tub cost 119 cash, so go to bella’s house to find the hot tub and click “add spell ingredients” + “get inside”

the simch quest 5
– have the holiday toasting set
– ask sims if they know any good jokes (3)
– click holiday toasting set and give a funny speech

find holiday toasting set in shop > decoration page 2 for 800 simoleons

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  • jess

    Toads have started dropping! I need xmas drops and I get toads….

  • Georgie

    I’m having the same problem with toads! 🙁

  • Chloe

    I need help! Every time I click on the red birds and the rabbits, I keep getting glass eyes or toads instead of the ornaments! I don’t know how to solve this 🙁

  • Beverley

    Does anybody know how to get the ‘cheers’ glasses? I need them to continue decorating my tree and to finish building my bedside table, so have sent requests to friends but nothing is being returned and I cannot find any other source for them. The white rabbits and red birds are now just giving money and XP which I’m sure what good that does once your reach level 50????????? x

  • Timothy

    If you can’t get an item from the game, you can always ask friends. Ask online friends. Then ask them to accept or maybe make “account slaves” which you only use to ask for items… I have 3 account slaves on facebook 😀