Sims Social I Dream Of Genies Quest

By | March 15, 2012

Finish this week arabian nights : sims social dream of genies quest and get dessert treasure as reward !

An introduction is surely unnecessary, for i, the genie, am famous throughout the lands, mortal. In… what? You’ve never heard of me? Oh well in that case i’ll be going…

here are the missions requirements :
i dream of genies part 1
– Ask 6 Sims if thy heard of a Johnny or Jenny or something like that.
– Rub 9 purple items aroud houmes to see if they have genies inside [home or neighbors, flowers count]
– Become inspired [Fullfill all needs]

tips for finding purple items :
Purple flowers
Cocktail Bar
DJ booth
Purple bushes/tree from Halloween
Crazy-looking table from Alice week
Dance machine

i dream of genies part 2
– Spend 3.000 simoleons on furniture items from new Arabian Nights range
– Have 12 relaxation
– Play brain games on computers every day two days in a row. [Home or neighbor, Day reset midnight GMT]

i dream of genies part 3
– Earn 500 simoleons for athletic skill items [treadmill or yoga mats]
– Have clothing or avatar items for the new arabian nights range
– Harvest some nice grapes 6 times [24 hours x6 :(]

i dream of genies part 4
– Earn 600 simoleons from music skill items [guitar, piano, harp]
– show you understand sound by charming a snake [bella’s house > snake charming basket > charm snake]
– Show you understand sound by saying “echo! Echo!” to different sims (10)

i dream of genies part 5
– have 18 love
– tell everyone about your new genie friend : he’s available for parties and wishes [post request]
– Rub a genie lamp, but choose wisely how you rub [bella’s house > genie’s lamp]

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