Sims Social It’s A Date Quest

By | November 24, 2011

Scarlett got an idea for perfect date company a matchmaking couple in sims social it’s a date quest ! help her finish all quests chain to get a clockwork birdcage

and because this week is a pink theme for girly, you will use some new pink items on this missions 🙂

task requirements list :

it’s a date part 1
– become inspired
– ask 3 unique sims what on earth grodie means
– have 3 muse (get from instrument or painting skills)

it’s a date part 2
– have 4 plans (get from writing or cooking skills)
– click computer 5x to trademark the name perfect date company
– design company logo 5x (click easel)

it’s a date part 3
– click stereo and dance with 4 unique sims
– design the perfect setting for the musical couple’s date by having 2 decoration items from girly collection
– place any type of piece on the grand piano 4 times (bella’s house)

it’s a date part 4
– have 4 delicious morsels (cooking skills)
– have 6 mixing bowls (ask friends)
– prepare a meal 4 times (master 1 cooking skill then click ‘prepare’ action)

it’s a date part 5
– ask 5 unique sims if they will go to the prom with you
– wash 5 times (click sinks)
– compose music 5 times (master 1 music skills then click ‘compose’ action)

t’s a date part 6
– add one new neighbour
– check appearance 5 times on fancy dressing table (bella’s house)
– have 10 bling (get from mining or ask friends)

t’s a date part 7
– ask 3 friends to toast your way business geniusness
– gush to 5 unique sims about the good news
– have 10 dreams (get from sleeping actions)

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