Sims Social Just A Pizza This Missions

By | October 4, 2012

Mario gonna teach you a little something about italian cooking in sims social just a pizza this missions

it’s me, mario ! so you’ve been helping antonella, eh ? my little peach has told me so much about you.

6 part of quest requirements walkthrough :

just a pizza this part 1
Harvest 8 strawberries
Uncover Venutia Dough Counter in italian villa
Get 1 skill star on Venutia Dough Counter

just a pizza this part 2
Harvest 8 tomatoes
Clear 3 fig leaves
Have chat with Perfect Sim statue 3 times

just a pizza this part 3
Harvest 4 grapes
Have 5 Fruits
Make some grape granita with the venutia granita machine

just a pizza this part 4
Craft a bouquet (2 orange flower, 1 red flower, 1 purple flower, 3 yellow flower)
Remove broken pillars (italian villa)
Have 5 Brush

just a pizza this part 5
craft 2x secret ingredients
uncover the venutia italian oven
earn coins from cooking skill items

just a pizza this part 6
get the pizza out of the venutia italian oven
call luigi on the venutia telephone table
tell your friends that you are eating in italy today (wall post)