Sims Social Just Wanna Have Sumo Fun Mission

By | August 30, 2012

Help bella in the sims social just wanna have sumo fun mission ! because she want to enter the japanese host master competition and meet aya 🙂

No way ! Aya is in littlehaven ! She’s only the best sushi chef in the world ! Gah! I’m so excited !

quest requirements :

part 1:
– find kurage sushi bar in the shop for free and put it in your house or garden
– click on a computer or bookcase and “research sushi recipes” twice
– go to bella’s and click on her haiku ai poet’s bench to “translate haiku”

part 2:
– click on shop and purchase tatsu sumo ring
– click and clear 3 sesame seeds from around your sim’s house
– click on fridges and “grab some salmon” you might have to check 3 fridges

currently there’s a game snag error after completing the second or third step of the new mission 😐

part 3 :
– click any kitchen counter and practice ‘chop, chop, chopping’
– ask over or visit a sim and ask them to try this sushi
– grow and harvest 2 purple flowers

part 4 :
– click on the cloth icon and buy any new clothes
– visit bella and practice painting on her kaze kimono painting set
– search outside your sim’s house and clear 3 green tea

part 5 :
– ask over or visit sims and have a mock around of the tatsu sumo ring
– post a feed to invite 3 friends to try sumo wresterling with you
– have 3 hope

part 6 :
– click on the shop icon and get the pit of zen for simoleons
– click on your pit of zen and try out some of the interactions
– complete the first stage of your kurage sushi bar

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