Sims Social Leopolds Lute Quest

By | March 29, 2012

Complete 3 requirements in sims social leopolds lute quest and get leopold’s lute as reward in this medieval week !

have you heard of leopold and his lute ?

the mission is hard because you need to complete 6 part of quest chain, complete a mastery of new skill and build 1 item

requirements :
– complete the sir prancelot quest and get m’lord’s coat of arms
see it in the search for the holy snail missions

– finish building the great dragon also you need have all mastery skill for each levels
find and purchase it on the shop > special tab for free and finish all fairy tale tower skill for highness crown

– buy the m’lord’s throne from the store and build it
purchase it in store > bathroom for 1090 social points and complete building it with 7 nails, 5 relaxation, 5 bling , 3 skewers


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  • Mel Schäfer

    Hallo,i have question.I have see Leopols´s Lute at my Neighbor and i love,love it so much.Please,i will have this Lute too.Pls,what must i do ? I love Mandolins very very much.I will this Lute ^^.Pls help me. Mel
    (Sry my english is very bad,comments pls in german…?)