Sims Social Lifes A Virtual Beach Quest

By | February 23, 2012

Ready to buy a vacation home ? this sims social lifes a virtual beach quest will guide you with your new beach house 🙂

there are just a few things you need to do before you can have a vacation home ! and you can visit friend’s vacation homes by clicking ‘friend properties’ on their house !

life’s a virtual beach part 1
– have vacation home
– have love (collect from romantic actions)

hint :
get to at least level 10 and increase your house value to 33k by buying items.
click the ‘locations’ tab near your avatar picture. (still rolling out, so might take a while to get this feature)

life’s a virtual beach part 2
– have a shell from the beach
– have a palm leaf from the beach
– have driftwood from the beach

tips :
find these items laying around your vacation home, just like the grass, animals in your yard

life’s a virtual beach part 3
– have a woven palm (craft)
– have a plank (craft)

life’s a virtual beach part 4
– have constructed utopia trashcan
– have constructed utopia mailbox
– have constructed utopia basix shower

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