Sims Social Littlestocking Up Quest

By | June 14, 2012

Get your blossom combivan ready in sims social littlestocking up quest for the hippie weeks missions !

hey there i’m daisy, and littlestock, littlehaven’s best known music festival is in big trouble !

prepare these ingredient parts so you can complete this mision faster :
4x Love, 4x Orange Flowers, 7x Red Flowers, 5x Peace

here are the requirements guide :

part 1 :
Buy The Blossom Combivan (shop > Free Blossom Combivan)
‘Enjoy Good Vibes’ With The Blossom Combivan (visit Bella’s house > click blossom combivan)
Have 4 Love (ask friends or flirty interactions with your Neighbours)

part 2 :
‘Check Acoustics’ Of Your Room 5x (click music skill item > ‘Check Acoustics’)
Ask Your Neighbours For Help
Subscribe To The Acoustic Monthly Magazine (after 2 hours click mailbox > ‘Collect Acoustic Monthly Magazine’)

part 3 :
Buy Three New Pieces Of Hippie Furniture
Have 4 Orange Flowers

part 4 :
Earn 900 Simoleons From Music Skill Items
Have 7 Red Flowers
Hug The Gaia Spirit Tree 3x (visit bella’s house > click gaia spirit tree > hug)

part 5 :
Have 5 Peace (ask friends)
Help Promote Littlestock By Handing Our Flyers (click friends > ‘Give Littlestock Flyer’)
Ask Friends If They Are Coming To Littlestock 2x(post wall feed)

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