Sims Social Mani Pedi and a Haircut Mission

By | April 23, 2012

Get a free spatacula orchids decoration as reward finishing the sims social mani pedi and a haircut quest

second mission for pampering week, today the comfygal recliner spa deluxe skill item is released and you will see 1 mision for this spa station

requirements :
– ask over a sim and perform 3 manicures
– ask over a sim and perform 3 pedicures
– ask over a sim and perform 3 haircuts

guide tips :
purchase this item on shop for 1500 simoleons and then build with parts :
8 nail
2 hope
6 bling
3 rock
8 sand

each interaction skill requires to invite a friend over to use this, so use “ask over” button on neighbor bar
mastel all skill to unlock and get pedicure and haircut action

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