Sims Social Not A Laughing Matter Quest

By | May 31, 2012

Start sims social not a laughing matter quest to take a side of an angel 🙂

Hey, there, have you seen my sister chloe around ?

mision walkthrough guide :

part 1:
– Click computers then “check Chloe’s Simbook page” 3 times
– Put a Blissful Dreamer double bed into house

part 2 :
-Have 3 goodwill
– Click furnitures (tables, sofas, counters…) and confiscate prank equipement.
– Click phone 3 times to warn neighbors to expect prank calls

part 3 :
– Click angelic shrubs 10 times to collet nice blossom
– Click 3 Sims and ask “Can I check your bed?”
– Click Blissful dreamer double bed (Bella has one) and check itching powder 6 times

part 4 :
– Harvest 20 strawberries (take 5minutes to grow, witter after 10minutes)
– Click kitchen countersand hide plastic wrap 4 times
– Click toilets and check for plastic wrap 4 times

part 5 :
– click naughty shrubs in your garden then clear throns 10x
– click mailboxes then “pad with sponge”
– tell your friends to look out for TPing kids rampaging through the neighborhood 4 times