Sims Social One Week Only Quest

By | April 5, 2012

It’s vegas week and we have the sims social one week only quest to finish and get the showtime tiger pal!

Mein name is heisenberg ! sigmund heisenberg, magician extraordinaire. And i, mein freund, have a little problem.

this mission have 7 chain and it will take a long time to finish than a normal quests, because you need to harvest watermelon, wait to collect items for second days, etc

here are the guide for each quest :

one week only part 1
– become inspired
– have a splash in the showtime ritzy dip pool (bella’s house)
– have some white color essence from white objects (6)

one week only part 2
– have 5 buzz
– harvest 4 watermelons
– have the showtime ritzy fountain

one week only part 3
– ask your friends to watch your card trick
– have 10 joker cards
– shuffle cards on a showtime card trick table for 2 consecutive days

one week only part 4
– make sure you’re in shape by earning 500 simoleons from an athletic skill item
– check your mailbox in 24 hours for replies from your friends
– dance like nobody’s watching on a vegas dancing stage 10x (bella’s house > showtime nightlife stage)

one week only part 5
– practice some dramatic music by earning 800 simoleons from a musical instrument
– have furniture from the new magic of vegas range for your show
– conjure fluffy the pet bunny from a magic hat for 2 nights in a row (bella’s house > showtime card trick table)

one week only part 6
– have 15 herbs (get by clearing weed or harvesting crops)
– harvest l4 ettuce to feed the bunny with
– try to feed fluffy the bunny in sigmund’s magic hat 10x (bella’s house > showtime card trick table)

one week only part 7
– clean other sims dirty items 6x
– tell all your friends to come to your grand finale (wall post 5x)
– complete the showtime ritzy fountain