Sims Social Ornaments

By | December 1, 2011

I got some christmas item before it released, one of them is the sims social ornaments ! who knows if we will really used it for christmas tree 😛

you might already see some items need ornaments mastery, maybe it got something to do with this

how to get ornaments in sims social :
find ornaments by take photo of new christmas animal on your garden
there are snow rabbits and red birds

and it will drop randomly 🙂

also try to clear items like pine cones, snow cardinal on your yards

ask friends from holiday tales quest part 2

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  • Carolynn

    I have been taking photos and clearing my yard for a day and a half and no ornaments appeared at all. Why??

  • Becky Mahony

    I am taking pictures of snow rabbits etc but I keep getting toads from halloween instead of ornaments!! Anyone else have this problem?

  • Jess

    I have the same problem as Becky 🙁

  • Laura

    Im getting the halloween things instead of christmas as well

  • Joyce

    I was getting Halloween things until I stored or got rid of the Halloween objects. I’m not getting toads anymore but I’m still not getting ornaments :/

  • Ginny

    Yep nothing but halloween or just nothing… kinda spoiling the Christmas fun. I really don’t understand why it takes so long to figure something like this out… people have been reporting it for at least 3 days now and they’ve done nothing to fix it.. i assume that someone somewhere is getting paid to get this game online….

  • sarah

    there are no winter birds or pine cones or anything in my garden 🙁

  • Miranda

    I am getting ornaments of pine cones a lot?
    I dont know why you guys dont get them
    Ask them from friends then I guess?

  • Aly

    can this work by going to someone else’s yard…cause i try clicking on them and nothing happens

    • admin

      i think you can’t click any items on neighbors yard to be cleared… so.. no 🙁

  • OHaiThere

    Here are all the ways I have come accross to gather Ornaments:

    1: Taking photos of the winter animals in your yard
    2: Clearing out pine cones from your yard
    3: You can ask for them from friends by clicking “unlock” on things you need them for…

    4: You can send them to friends as a gift, and they can then send them back to you. This is one of the quickest ways to get them.

    You cannot harvest items from friends’ houses.

    Hope this helped.