Sims Social Penthouse Sweet Quest

By | July 12, 2012

Second part to unlock room on your loft : the sims social penthouse sweet quest

Friends and family who come to visit will want a place to sit won’t they ? looks like you have a lot to learn about living the high life, sweetheart.

mission requirements walkthrough :

penthouse? sweet! part 1
Buy 2 chairs – Shop > Living
Do first task of loft kitchen
Click 3 chairs and ‘plump cushin’ for Tabita

penthouse? sweet! part 2
Buy 3 plants
Complete first stage of your loft kitchen
Click on 3 tables and counters and “must be cleaner”

penthouse? sweet! part 3
complete second stage of your loft kitchen
buy any painting on shop
dust off 4 tvs or radio

penthouse? sweet! part 4
visit 1 sim, click for ‘gossip about someone’
click computer > gather gossip 3x
complete third stage of your kitchen project

penthouse? sweet! part 5
complete final stage of your kitchen project

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