Sims Social Photo Booth

By | November 11, 2011

Second part of turning japanese sims social quest chain you must use a photo booth to capture a digital copy of your face

where to find photo booth in sims social ?
well the easiest way is to go to bella house, because she’s already got 1 built

look outside of her house there’s a sims social photo booth 🙂

there are 4 actions you can choose, for this quest requirements you only need to click take photo 4 times
you can try other actions, but the take naughty photo is only for good / special relationship
just make sure you have enough energy to do other task for this missions 🙂

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  • anna

    Is there anyway to buy the photobooth? 😀

  • sia

    can’t find the photo booth!!

  • lala

    i cant find it too, it does not exist