Sims Social Playing Cards From Wonderland Objects in Yard

By | January 13, 2012

On 3rd part of black and white quest you must have sims social playing cards !

the hint already helping you where to find playing cards 😀

how to get playing cards in sims social ?
you can try the wonderland objects you find in your yard, so collect strange things now !

if you wonder what are the wonderland objects ? here are the list i found in my yards :
investigate pile of cards
remember that these items are randomly pop up on your garden, so it maybe takes some time.. you can also ask friends for the playing card or skip with simcash 😛

talk to… invisible cat (3x action)

take photo of animal (porcupine?)

i’m sure by now you already got a lot of Cheshire Cat on your yard ? well i can finish this task without asking friends thanks to the invisible cat 🙂

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