Sims Social Post Haste Quest

By | December 23, 2011

Scarlett Shaw forgot to send those holiday postcards, help her in sims social post haste quest and you’ll be rewarded with grand invites candle !

let’s start the first christmas mini quest 🙂

it’s quite simple, and don’t have any chain so it’ll expires in 1 days only

here are the requirements :
– design postcards on an easel (6)
– have 12 candy canes
– post cards to 4 sims’ mailboxes


guide :
– click any easels then “design postcards” action
– if you already have build-it holiday tree, then just do some ‘decorate christmas tree’ skills to get some candy canes or just find it by clearing christmas item on your yard
– click your friends mailboxes then “post card” action

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