Sims Social Relaxathon Missions

By | April 18, 2012

For spa week quest you will have the sims social relaxathon missions with 6 quest chain,

one of the new item you must have is the zen garden
the reward from this mission : 1 extra garden plot

will update if there’s any changes, so far here are the requirements :

relaxathon part 1
Massage 2 sims (sofa > massage)
Get 4 relaxation
Get Zen Garden (shop > outdoor > free)

relaxathon part 2
Kiss 3 Sims (do romantic interaction first to trigger)
Have 8 Love
Do 10 friendly interactions

relaxathon part 3
Plant and harvest 4 cristal trees [28hours]
Earn 1.000 simoleons from writing skills [use computer or typewriter]
Meditate in Zen Garden 3 times

relaxathon part 4
Plant and harvest 10 Wheatgrass
Get 2000 Simoleons with the athletic skill
drinking from the Zen Garden 3 times

relaxathon part 5
clean 8 dirty items
Be completely clean (hygiene at max)
Have 8 sponge

relaxathon part 6
Talking to 7 friends of the benefits of Zen Garden
Diving with the Zen Garden
Collect 5 Lotus flowers

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  • sunzyflower

    You can’t kiss other sims if you’re in a relationship? Not cool that you have to break up first!!!

    • admin

      not really, it’s just the faster way to get a kiss
      just be a friend with that sims, and do romantic interactions to ‘unlock’ the kiss option

  • Marie

    I tried, it tells me I have to break up with whom I’m with first. Not cool!

  • Ann

    Same here, I need to break up first. Don’t like it. Isn’t there another way??

  • vel

    Yeah, tried many times. The kiss options appear but you can’t do it unless you break up. This is ridiculous!

  • vel

    Oh! Sorry! Just realised you can o it if you put on the french necktie…

  • Hacin

    You can kiss to whom you’d first 🙂

  • Hacin

    you can kiss to the sim that you are in a relationship 🙂 enjoy playing sims 🙂

  • lena

    air kiss is ok. you do’nt have to break up, yay!! 🙂