Sims Social Road Trip Quest

By | February 23, 2012

The second vacation home on Littlehaven Shores is open ! let’s complete the sims social road trip quest and receive your very own hammock !

make sure you prepared 2 grapes or 4 watermelons before start this quest, because you only have 7 days to finish it 🙂

missions walkthrough guide :
here are the guide for quest requriements :
road trip part 1
– look up littlehaven shores on a computer 10 times (click computer)
– ask 5 different sims if they know directions to littlehave shores
– send a postcard telling everyone about littlehaven shores and share it on your wall (click mailbox)

road trip part 2
– have a wearable tiki mask from the new utopia clothing range (clothes > special > tiki mask)
– harvest 2 grapes (1 day)
– harvest 4 watermelons (12 hours)

road trip part 3
– doesn’t the ocean look beautiful ? have 15 blue color essence from blue objects to match !
– have 10 shells (click tide pools > look for shells – bella’s house)
– have 15 goodwill (nice actions with other sims)

road trip part 4
– mail a postcard to your wall by posting a feed (click mailbox)
– send 8 postcards from different mailboxes
– collect a postcard from your mailbox in 24 hours

road trip part 5
– have furniture from the new beach house range
– have 15 plans
– ask 6 friends for help with your dreams of having a new vacation home in littlehaven shores

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