Sims Social Sci Fi Collection Items

By | November 18, 2011

Part 3 of sims social earthling quest you’ll need to purchase the new sci fi item

NEW THEME! Welcome to Sci-Fi Week! It’s out of this world! Head to the shop now to get some new items from a galaxy far, far away!

4 clothes from the new sci fi collection :
startecch belt : 2 simcash
startech bottoms : 800 simoleons
astro bottoms : 800 simoleons
astro boots : 1000 simoleons
startech boots : 1000 simoleons
universal translator doobrie : 1000 simoleons
astro top : 12000 simoleons
startech top : 1200 simoleons
space smuggler : 40 simcash
astro belt : 2000 simoleons

if you already purchase universal translator doobrie then you only need 3 more outfit, and of course the girls outfit got more to choose 😛

3 sci fi items :
i suggest you go on shop > decoration and purchase specimen A or B because it only cost 200 simoleons

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