Sims Social Secret Vault Quest

By | March 15, 2012

New mission for arabian nights week : sims social secret vault quest where you can get cave of wonders door as reward !

a secret vault full of treasure is all yours if you complete a few ‘simple’ tasks !

there are 3 requirements :
– buy the peacock plushie from the shop (1200 social points)
build with parts : 8 buzz, 10 muse, 10 plans, 10 love, 4 alien toy

– earn the monkey plushie by completing the charming skills (7500 simoleons)
build with materials : 5 relaxation, 10 entertainment, 3 hope, 8 metronome, 10 sheet music
then you need to collect ingredients to master all the skills

– complete this week’s genie quest
this missions comes with 5 part, see the quest chain in : sims social i dream of genies


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