Sims Social She’s Lost Her Royal Marbles Missions

By | July 26, 2012

Finish 7 parth of sims social she’s lost her royal marbles missions and get Gold Medal Necklace as reward !

Hey ! have you heard ? the british eccentric games (BEG)? It’s in littlehaven and the queen is in town – and she’s lost her royal marbles !

quest walkthrough guide :

she’s lost her royal marbles part 1
– Go to Bella’s and try out her Penny farthing
– Click 2 pigeons and “send registration”

Tips :
– Penny farthing is the weird bike parked in front of car in Bella’s street.
– Pigeons are randomly spawning in garden, if you can’t find some, reload.

she’s lost her royal marbles part 2
– Get a new clothe or accessory from shop (from newest release)
– Wearing it, go to Penny farthing bike and “race” 3 times
– Click an a Mr Fitt’s SimZum Mat item and do warm ups 3 times

Tips :
– You can use friends bikes

she’s lost her royal marbles part 3
– Buy Coates’ Umbrella stand
– Ask over sim to “help me practice!” 4 times
– Visit Someone with Umbrella stand and challenge to duel. Win 2 times.

Tips :
– Umbrella stand is in shop for 500 social points
– Ask for help practicing clicking umbrella stand (bored after two times)
– Bella has umbrela stand (boredom cap too, and counts bored if you were bored practicing)

she’s lost her royal marbles part 4
– Click fridgeand stretch stomach 5 times
– Harvest 5 strawberries
– Harvest 3 grapes

Tips :
– You can stretch stomach from same fridge 5 times
– Strawberries grow in 5min and wither in 10.
– Grapes grow in 1d and wither in 2.

she’s lost her royal marbles part 5
– Post a Feed for ‘You Their Best Backhanded Compliments’
– Visit Or Ask Over 2 Sims And Backhanded Compliment
– Click On Your Sim And Practice Bow Or Curtsey For Queen 4 Times

she’s lost her royal marbles part 6
– Have Prestige Glass Harmonica Table
– Click on Prestige Glass Harmonica Table And Compose A Ditty 4 Times
– Click On A Musical Skill Item And Do Task To Earn 600 Simoleons As You Prepare to Beat Shane

she’s lost her royal marbles part 7
– Search Around Houses For 3 More Pigeons And Release The Pigeon
– Post A Feed To Say Your Holding A Picnic To Celebrate And Have To Friends To Click On It
– Find The Penny Farthing And Practice Lap Of Honor 3 Times For Your Win