Sims Social Sim Sensation Missions

By | April 4, 2013

Meet psym in sims social sim sensation missions where he will give you x-factor platinum disc and x-factor golden mic after you finish all the requirements !

hello there, my name is psym, but you know who i am, obviously !

quest walkthrough guide :

part 1: world renowned pop sensation, most eligible sim, and now i have my own perfume line !
– go to bella and makes “introduce me” with er
– Makes “show moves” with psym in the garden of Bella’s house

part 2: i’ll let you in on a little secret.. always dress classy and dance cheesy. If that doesn’t work..
– Click on psym and makes “teach me the great one”
– Buy “Be boppity bop” page 3 in special tab
– Click be boppity bop > learn basic robot dance


part 3: if you get good enough, i’ll even feature in one of your songs ! but for that you need to practice, practice everywhere
– Go to Bella and makes “learn basic robot dance” on her bed
– Get 3 skills on the robot, after makes “learn thriller robot” on the robot
– Buy sim pop trampoline and place it

part 4: in my bathroom ! don’t laugh, it’s the best place to think ! take it from someone who knows !
– Visit any sim and makes “show off moves” with him
– Makes “thriller robot” on the toilet
– Get 5 skills on the robot and makes “Learn simenom robo”

part 5: the y-factor ! wait.. or was it the x-factor ? shoot, i’ll call my agent and get back to you
– Collect 3 dancing shoes
– Go to bella and makes “simenom robo” on her X factor sound tower
– Get 8 Skills ont the robot, after ask over 1 neighbour and makes “do the dual robot dance”

part 6: the sneak peek of course ! it gets the fans excited ! and what are you without your fans
– Go to Bella and made “”simenom robo” with Psym
– Made “release sneak peek” on any computer
– Post wall feed on facebook

part 7: you know what this calls for right ? pool party ! it’s time to celebrate, marie-ange !
– Built the sim pop trampoline pool
– Made “pool dance” on Bella’s trampoline
– Made”release the final cut” on any computer